Important Information

Family Discount (Sharing textbook)

In order to get the family discount, additional family members must be related and living in the same household. Your friend from down the street is not considered family even though they eat all their meals at your house.

Minimum Age

Students must be 14 years of age. However, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian enrolled as a student.  In this case, the parent or guardian will also be required to sign a permission form for their minor.

Student Commitment

When you register for our class you are making a two-day commitment. We hold the class on a Saturday, and we conduct the On-the-Water teaching cruise on Sunday. Because we are using a commercial vessel for the teaching cruise, we are unable to schedule a make-up cruise. If you cannot make the scheduled cruise we will try and accommodate you in the next outing, but you must inform us as early as possible, but no later than one week BEFORE the cruise outing.

Class Cut-Off & Textbook Mailings

We accept enrollments right up to the very end provided that you pick up your textbook PRIOR to the Saturday class day (no textbooks distributed on class day) - see Mailing Cut-Off below. However, please enroll as early as possible so we can manage the class size for both classroom seating and On-the-Water seating. If we run over our allocated seating, we will use a first-come-first-served approach.

Enrolling Process

Under the Enroll tab you will click on the “Enroll Now” button and be directed to a secure site to complete the necessary information. You will be asked personal and identifying information so that we can print your NC boating cards. After that you’ll be asked how you want to pay. For those selecting “pay by check” you’ll be given an address to send it to. For those selecting credit card or PayPal you’ll be directed to a PayPal secure e-commerce site to compete the payment transaction. Please note, you do not need to be a PayPal member and you can use your personal credit card. Please ensure that you go all the way through the registration process and finish on a payment page and see that payment has been made to Cape Fear Sail ® Power Squadron.

Textbook Mailing Cut-Off

To gain the most from the boating fundamentals found in our America’s Boating Course® textbook, you should read the material prior to the class. Early enrollments provide enough time for us to mail the textbook to you which we will do within a few days of your registration. However, as we approach the class date, we run out of time for mailing the book. As a result, the cut-off for textbook mailings is the Wednesday 10 days before class. After this Wednesday, you must pick up your textbook from us. Books are in the Monkey Junction area. No textbooks will be handed out at the classroom.

Transfer to the Next Class

Due to classroom and boat capacities, we ask that once you enroll you do your best to keep the seat that we reserved for you. However, we appreciate that emergencies and scheduling conflicts can develop which may necessitate dropping from your scheduled class.  We have two options available: (1) we can transfer you to the NEXT class, or (2) remove you from our roster and issue a partial refund as described in the refund section below. Please note: We are only able to carry you forward to the next class since we reserve class/cruise resources that have fixed costs. If our prices increase, you will need to make up the increase.  

Refund Policy

If you register and for some reason cannot attend the class, we can (a) carry your registration forward to the next ABC class; or (b) refund $40 per registrant and the textbook is yours to keep.