ABC Book

Our textbook

You will receive this professionally produced 244-page textbook covering the fundamentals of safe boating with well-written text, pictures, graphics and drawings for classroom work and to keep as an informative reference source. Topics covered include: Boat Terms & Types, Required Safety Equipment, Operator’s Responsibilities, Navigation Rules & Navigation Aids, Lights & Sounds Signals, Government Regulations, Finding Your Way, Anchoring, Adverse Conditions & Emergencies, Communications Afloat, Water Sports Safety, Trailering, PWC Operation and Knots & Lines


Classroom at NC Extension at the NHC Arboretum

The facilities at NC Extension benefit both students and instructors. A state-of-the-art classroom with professional visual/audio equipment ensures you will be comfortable, able to see and able to hear our instructors in an environment that not only encourages learning but increases the learning experience. Free on-site parking is available for your convenience on the day of the class. Comfort breaks are provided throughout the day with a 30-minute lunch break. We ask that you bring your lunch due to time constraints which do not allow leaving the building.


Our instructors

Our instructors are all volunteers and certified by United States Power Squadrons® by having graduated from the United States Power Squadron’s Instructor Development program and maintaining this status by re-certifying every four years. They bring a high level of experience and knowledge to their presentations which they augment with nautical lore and seafaring experiences. We try to keep our teaching style informal, and where appropriate weave in the right amount of lighthearted humor to maintain a feeling that “learning can be fun.” The vast majority of our students are adults so our teaching style is geared to the adult student. We don’t spoon feed you or talk down to you; rather we treat our students with respect and accept them as a participating and active partner in the learning process.


Instructors You May See at Class

Wilbur Chapman, SN • Jerry Hall, SN •  John Kelly, JN • Ed Kreul, SN • Megan Morrison, JN • David Munnikhuysen, SN • Ned Rhodes, SN • Rick Sorrenti, AP  • Steve Thompson, SN • Ron Tilmon, SN • Abe Walston, SN

SN = Senior Navigator • N = Navigator • JN = Junior Navigator • AP = Advanced Pilot • P = Pilot • S = Seamanship

The mission of United States Power Squadrons®: To promote recreational boating safety through education and civic activities while providing fellowship for our members.

Next Steps...

The next class is Saturday, June 22, 2024, starting at 8am at NC Extension classroom at the New Hanover County Arboretum. The On-the-Water Teaching Cruise is June 23, 2024, (Time TBD). $105 per person. $65 each additional family member sharing a book. Enroll now.