Local Knowledge & Our 3-hour Teaching Cruise

Where better to learn about boating than on the water - especially in a coastal environment? Tides, currents and weather all have a significant impact on where and when you can go boating safely - knowing that the 10 AM waterway may be significantly different than the same waterway at 2 PM. The Cape  Fear area is a prime example of the challenges facing a salt-water boater. If you’re new to this environment,  unfamiliar waters or conditions can represent a challenge all of their own, and it is commonly said that going aground here in Cape Fear’s “skinny water” is not a question of if but when. Expanding on the fundamentals learned in our ABC® class, you’ll now be  introduced to the challenges and complexities of coastal boating during our 3-hour teaching cruise.  The result: a strengthening of  your boating skills and an increase in your boating confidence, all leading to an increase in boating fun for you and your guests. 

Know Before You Go

“Know Before You Go” -  a phrase we want you to hear, know and to practice each and every time you venture out for a fun day on the water. For you to “know” about the Cape Fear area and waterways, we’re going to discuss:

  • Local area as seen on NOAA Nautical Charts
  • Intracoastal Waterway & Cape Fear River - what you need to know
  • Ocean Inlets - we like to call them “ocean nozzles”
  • Navigating local water - what are the rules?
  • Snow’s Cut and the “Parking Lot”
  • Popular boating destinations
  • Problem areas - avoidance & pre-qualifying by use of charts
  • Tides, Currents & Winds - profound effect
  • Prevailing weather patterns you should know
  • Before you go to Southport or Wilmington for lunch
  • Hurricane issues
  • Marinas, boat storage, fueling sites
  • Public boat ramps
  • Towing services - Sea Tow® and BoatUS®
  • Required and recommended equipment
  • Life Jackets (when and where)
  • Smartphone apps, chartplotters and depth sounders
  • Boat maintenance for salt water environment
  • Green/Red buoys (is that left, right or both)
  • Am I on the Intracoastal Waterway or not?
  • Boater’s fatigue - a lesson for all