Meg with Sextant

Our Approach

The United States Power Squadrons® have been teaching safe boating since 1914. Our local chapter, Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron, continues this tradition since its inception in 1951 by offering the most comprehensive and thorough training you will find. By combining the fundamentals of safe boating with our exclusive Local Knowledge and On-the-Water components, you will be provided with an unsurpassed level of learning for you to become a safe and responsible boater while gaining the confidence to boat in our coastal area.


We teach boating courses ranging from the fundamentals found here to advanced celestial navigation, including popular classes in Seamanship, Weather, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electrical Systems, Sail, Cruise Planning, Marine Navigation Systems and many more.


Our squadron has 240+ members from all walks of life with a common bond -- love of boating. Some our our member's boats are large, some are small, and some members do not have a boat at all. We're sure you would find someone just like yourself to share the fun of boating and additional education opportunities.

You can find out more about the national organization at and about us locally at

Meet the Team

Ed Oeters Photo

Cdr Ed Oters SN


Ed grew up in Raleigh and bought his first boat while a junior in high school. After 4 years in the US Air Force, Ed graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS Electrical Engineering degree. Adventure led west with time in the oil patch logging oil and gas wells. He was a Reservoir Engineer and Production Engineer before returning to North Carolina for a 25-year career in software development. Ed and his wife Maureen originally joined the Raleigh Power Squadron and transferred membership to the Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron when they relocated to Wilmington in 2001. Currently a holder of a 100 Ton Master USCG License, Ed is a partner in Wilmington Water Tours, LLC, a tour boat company in downtown Wilmington on the Cape Fear River. You will normally find Ed on his personal boat, CEILI, a 47-foot 4788 Pilot House Bayliner, normally docked downtown at Port City Marina.

Meg Sailing

1/Lt Meg Morrison, JN

Lead Instructor

In addition to obtaining a 100-ton U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license, 1/LT Morrison is an accomplished sailor bringing over 20 years of boating experience including crewing on a transatlantic passage, numerous sailings in the Caribbean as well as sailing her 40-foot Endeavor from Tampa Bay, FL to Wrightsville Beach in the Fall of 2016. Although her background is sailing, she and her instructors bring an in-depth knowledge of power boats – large cruisers to small outboards, personal watercraft (PWC) to kayaks and paddleboards.


Lt/C Ned W. Rhodes, SN

Squadron Education Officer

Lt/C Ned W. Rhodes, SN relocated to the Wilmington area from Northern Virginia a number of years ago to get away from all the traffic and to  be near the beach. With his wife Arleen and golden retriever Katie they enjoy cruising on their Sea Ray 410 Express, Impulse and their 13-foot Boston Whaler. Ned holds a 100-Ton USCG Captain's license and often brags that he has never run aground  when anyone else was around (so there is no evidence). He is President of Software Systems Group, which develops custom software for corporate clients.